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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Santa Clara Aquatics Foundation is a dynamic alliance of three non-profit clubs and passionate citizens from Santa Clara and neighboring communities. Our unwavering dedication is to ensure broad availability and access to pool space. Beyond that, we are committed to enriching the Santa Clara community with aquatic facilities and programs that promote well-being, vitality, and excellence. Join us as we dive into the mission of building a new swim center!

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Rendering courtesy of ELS Architecture and Urban Design

Our Story

At the heart of our story lies a shared passion for community, aquatics, and the pursuit of excellence. We are more than just a group; we are a family of parents, community members and coaches who have dedicated ourselves to enhancing the very fabric of our aquatics community.


 Our Roots: A Journey of Commitment

We started as a collective of parents and coaches with a simple yet profound goal— to strengthen community relations and improve the swim center that has been the beating heart of our teams for countless years. We intimately understand the challenges of aging facilities, experiencing firsthand the disruptions caused by frequent shutdowns and the constant struggle to secure alternative pool space.


Facing the Inevitable: The ISC Closure

The looming question wasn't whether the George Haines International Swim Center would close, but when. The day arrived, and with the permanent closure of the ISC, we found ourselves at a crossroads. Instead of succumbing to the devastation, we see it as an opportunity to build anew, to create a modern and updated swim center that will serve as a lasting home for our aquatics community.


Compelled to Action: A Call for Support

The ISC closure has not deterred us; it has fueled our determination. We are now on a mission to raise funds for this much-needed transformation. We invite you to be a part of this exciting journey, to contribute to the rebuilding of our aquatics home. Together, we can turn this dream into a reality.


Join Us: Making Waves of Change

This is more than just a plea for support; it's an invitation to join hands with us in reshaping the future of our aquatics community. Every contribution, big or small, takes us one step closer to our goal. Your support is not just an investment in a swim center; it's an investment in the well-being and vitality of our entire community.


Together, Let's Dive into a Brighter Future

The closure of the ISC marks the beginning of a new chapter. With your support, we are not just rebuilding a swim center; we are creating a space where dreams are nurtured, achievements are celebrated, and the bonds of community are strengthened. Join us in making waves of positive change. Together, we can turn this chapter into a story of triumph and inspiration.


Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Meet The Team

Meet The Partners

From humble beginnings in 1951, the Santa Clara Swim Club (SCSC) has carved its name in aquatic history. Founded by the legendary coach George Haines with just 13 swimmers at a Santa Clara High School pool, the club flourished under his innovative training methods and unwavering dedication. Soon, talent flocked to the newly built Santa Clara International Swim Center (ISC) in 1966, a state-of-the-art facility that became a crucible for champions.

Today, the club provides a variety of programs for the community including programs for persons with disability and Olympic aspirants.


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The Santa Clara Diving Club, boasts a compelling history marked by a commitment to excellence, sportsmanship, and community. Since its inception, the club has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of competitive diving, earning a reputation for producing outstanding athletes. One of the hallmarks of the Santa Clara Diving Club's legacy is the remarkable number of divers who have continued their athletic pursuits at the collegiate level, including at esteemed institutions such as the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, Harvard University, Yale University, the University of North Carolina, Columbia University, and others. The club remains dedicated to fostering the growth of divers and maintaining its standing as a center for excellence in competitive diving. The club's history is not only a testament to its competitive achievements but also a home and a pathway to success within its supportive community.


SCA Logo.png

The Santa Clara Artistic Swimming have been producing world-class synchronized swimmers and Olympic athletes since 1964. During its history, Santa Clara Artistic Swimming athletes have won numerous National and World titles. It has produced 24 Olympians, and has seven Olympians on its coaching staff. Formerly known as Santa Clara Aquamaids, the club's athletes have the opportunity to secure scholarships or admission to some of the best universities in the country, including Stanford University and Ohio State University.


Santa Clara Artistic Swimming is proud to have contributed to the development of synchronized swimming world wide. They are renown pioneers of the sport and have long championed inclusion of male swimmers. It is exciting to see that mixed duets are now included as an event at international competitions.



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